Sunday, November 13, 2016

I'm Still With Her

Wow. All I can say was this past week has been one of the roughest ones in a while. I'm not always the best at articulating my thoughts, so I'm going to try and process what happened through writing. On Tuesday night, I truly believed that I was going to bear witness to a monumental time in history where our country finally elects our first female President. And I was proud for Hillary Rodham Clinton, who many considered to be the voice of tolerance, to bear that honor.  Today, I fear I will remember this day for years to come for another reason entirely.

Looking back I do think I was naive to think that Trump would never win this election. I truly believed that the majority of American citizens* would see what this man represented - bigotry, misogyny, white nationalism, fascism, homophobia - and would never align themselves with this, let alone choose to have this man run our country. I guess I should be lucky that I'm white (although I do have the woman thing against me) but I care deeply for people and when I see social injustices of our country I want to stand up and fight back. 

I have never seen an election that has fostered such fear among the American people. I received a text from one of my best friends, a 3rd-grade teacher at a school largely populated by minorities where her students were crying because they thought they were going to be deported. I have seen friends on my Facebook feed fear their LGBT rights, which they've fought so hard to obtain, are going to be taken away. And I have seen many of my African-American friends fear for their lives as racial tensions continue to grow. 

It continues to baffle me that the people who voted for Trump, including members of my own family, have ignored this culture of fear that Trump has allowed, and even capitalized on. I also don't think we can ignore the fact that the majority of those who voted for Trump are non-college-educated, white menBut here we stand with a man who has been compared to Hitler as our President. 

It saddens me that Hillary will never sit in the Oval Office when she was unquestionably the most qualified candidate for the job. Watching her concession speech was all the more heartbreaking as she gracefully and eloquently told the American people to give Trump a chance, something I do not believe Trump would have ever reciprocated. 

Now I don't wish for Trump to fail as that would just hurt this country and its people. But I think it would be untrue to myself and my beliefs to "move on" as I've been told. I will continue to speak up against hatred and fight for human rights and until Trump either becomes the person our country deserves or removes himself from office, I will not be silent. As Hillary once stated, "I have been called many things by many people. Quitter is not one of them".

*Let it be known Hillary did win the popular vote
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