Monday, October 31, 2016

Little Ways to Be Healthier

I'm a little shocked that I'm even writing this but I recently decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. This revelation hit me a little over a week ago when I went to the doctor and learned I'd gained a few pounds that I did not appreciate. I knew I couldn't keep Rory Gilmore-ing it and eating whatever I wanted without gaining weight but I just hoped (and prayed) that it wouldn't happen until I was much older. 

Instead of completely changing my lifestyle of fast food and no worries I decided to take baby steps. I've noticed that when I've tried to become a version of myself that loves working out and eating kale, I end up giving up pretty quickly. But when you make little changes that can make an impact on your health, it's a lot easier to stay on track. 

Drink Water // Everyone agrees that drinking water does wonders for your health. Just to name a few of the benefits water helps your brain health, energy levels and can assist with weight loss. I typically eat out almost every day and I used to always order a soda with my meal. But since I've started with health journey I order water - it's better for you and I get to save money! Then, when I'm home I drink a LaCroix because the carbonation reminds me of a soda and it's 100% natural. Plus, who couldn't love these colorful cans?

Find a Workout Buddy // I admit it - I don't enjoy working out. I've just accepted the fact that I'm never going to go to a spin class and think, "Man, I've got to do this again!" So while I've accepted this truth, I've also learned that just because I don't enjoy it doesn't mean I should completely abandon fitness. I rely on my friends, who are much more motivated than I, to drag me along and make it more enjoyable. Find your workout buddy and you can each hold yourselves accountable to going to the gym and finding a form of exercise that you both enjoy or in my case, tolerate. 

Healthy Snacks // Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or cookie (my go-to) I've been going to the produce section at my grocery store and purchasing one of those snack packs of celery, carrots and grapes. I'm learning that the key is simply finding a few fruits and vegetables that you like and going from there. I currently love apples, asparagus and pineapple - all of which make for a great midafternoon snack. 

Cheat Days // While I do think it's important to stay consistent with your healthy meals I don't think I can ever give up on Big Macs. I've been trying to stick to one, sometimes two, cheat days in a week where I can eat those meals that are definitely not god for you that I love. After all, what kind of life would it be if you couldn't indulge in a Pizza Hut pan crust pizza every now and then?

What are some ways you stay healthy? I would love to hear from you and gather your tips! 

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