Thursday, September 8, 2016

Zion National Park

Well, I couldn’t stay away. It’s been over a year since I’ve sat at my computer, trying to write something that passerby’s will find interesting. I’m like that girlfriend who gets a boyfriend and goes ghost on their friends until they inevitably come crawling back (because lets be honest hoes before bros), begging for forgiveness.

So here I am, just a girl, virtually standing in front of someone who might have accidently clicked on this link, asking them to give me another shot.

All jokes aside, instead of focusing so much effort on creating a blog that other people will like, I wanted to press the re-start button and just write about what I’m passionate about, whether it is my most recent adventure or my dating history (okay, marriage) with fast food.

So for my re-coming out I wanted to discuss my trip to Zion National Park in Utah this past Labor Day. I travelled with my roommate to Vegas where we met up with my brother, his fiancé and another friend to make the 2-hour drive to Springdale. We didn’t think we needed more than 2 full days at Zion and praise Jesus for my maxed out PTO because my legs couldn’t handle any more.

In my mind, the trip would be some light hiking, wine-filled evenings and Instagram-worthy scenic views. Well, 20 miles later and I did get two out of the three right.

Day One – Angels Landing

For the first day we decided to do one of the most strenuous hikes the park offers, Angels Landing. I feel like this is the point I should mention that I’m not one to frequent a gym. And by frequent I mean I’m not sure I know what the inside of one looks like. So when we decided to attempt the hike I did have some hesitations but I’m a glass half-full kind of gal.

The 5-hour hike takes you uphill 1488 feet and then just when you think you’ve reached the top of the ridge, nature likes to throw you a curveball. The final half-mile is across a narrow sandstone ridge, anchored by chains across some sections of the “sheer fin”. It’s easy to understand why the shuttle audio echoes, “People have died here” as you step off.

In the end, after more than a few food, water and slight panic attack breaks I made it to the top. I think a strong motivator was seeing babies make the dangerous trek. I’m not kidding. It was overwhelming how many people had babies strapped on their chest. There was no way I was going to let a human that poops himself do something I couldn’t.  

Day Two – The Narrows

I’d like to say that on our second day we decided to take it easy considering every step we took ached all over. Instead we thought why not push ourselves farther by hiking another 10+ miles.

The park service offers a free shuttle bus throughout the park so we rode that to the last stop to the Narrows. Before you actually get to the entrance of this gorge, you have a 2-mile hike ahead of you. Zion is fun like that.

In all sincerity, The Narrows is something I would suggest everyone adds to their bucket list as it was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s the narrowest section of Zion Canyon where you basically walk/stumble through the Virgin Mary River. The whole hike is 16 miles but you can turn back anytime you want.

My only advice for this one is to strap on some water shoes, grab your walking cane and explore. Just don’t be that person who wears jeans or brings a Michael Kors bag with you (again, I cant make this stuff up). Because you will be judged, and rightfully so.

Overall I have a whole new respect for people who frequent parks and can spend hours upon hours hiking. These people are badasses. And for 48 hours, I was one of them.


  1. Love your style of writing! Sounds like you had quite the time!!! Keep this up!!!

  2. Delighted to see you sharing your life experiences once again. Relieved you and Taylor are still among us after that adventure! #bucketlist

  3. Oh my heavens!!! You are baaaaaack!!!!!! I have missed your blog and writing soooooo much!!!!!! Welcome back love!! I'm hugging you all the way from Dallas with a HUGE hug! Welcome, welcome, welcome :D

    You are right, you are a badass <3

    1. AWWW Bella - I have missed you!! Yes, I am so excited to be back! I shall definitely be more active. Lots of hugs from Florida!!


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